GenPad Tradeshow Booth

GenPad Tradeshow Booth

Client work for Diversitech—concepts & illustrations (2010-2013)

Single-product tradeshow booth designed for DiversiTech Corporation for 2012 Orlando exhibition. The GenPad was marketed as the "Range Rover of equipment pads." The product was sturdy enough to support heavy equipment, yet classy enough for high end installations. The theming of the booth reflected the product positioning (typical installation environment) with custom painted rockwork resembling stone found in higher quality neighborhoods. The design also featured an LCD projector to display a video overlay of the product's key features, as well as acting as kinetic signage to attract attention from across the room.

Booth design inspired by the product's typical installation environment. This booth was designed for a 10'x20' footprint.

GenPad Tradeshow Booth environmental displays
Video wall mockup

While the booth was designed for a 10'x20' footprint, I did craft a few extra elements and a design for a larger space just in case the client wanted to go bigger.

Alternative elements