Heaven and Hell Towers

3D model and render by Jeff De Boer

Heaven and Hell Towers — Las Vegas Casino Design

Soaring above the Las Vegas strip, two imposing towers intrigue and mystify tourists and locals alike. One stands for opulence, the other for decadence — heaven and hell, sin and perfection. Everything you could ever ask for in a city known for keeping its secrets.

The Heaven and Hell Towers was a group project for my Themed Entertainment Design graduate studies program at SCAD. I was responsible for concept renderings and produced all artwork on this page (unless otherwise noted in blue). Other team members include Jeff De Boer (3D modeling and rendering) and Morgan Richardson (show writing and presentation). The assignment was to design a casino for a plot of land at the end of the Las Vegas strip.

Exterior rendering of a contemporary hotel with a logo that says Crave Exterior rendering of a contemporary hotel with a logo that says Adrenaline Exterior rendering of two large sky scrapers alternately colored red and blue with a logo that says Heaven and Hell

Concept Development

Initially we were asked to come up with three possibilities for potential casinos (click thumbnails above for larger images). One option was Crave, a casino based on food, the foodie culture and satisfying any food craving a guest could possibly imagine. Another, called Adrenaline, was a pulsating nighttime extravaganza so amped up that it would satisfy even the most demanding adrenaline junkie. Lastly was Heaven and Hell, a hotel that embodied both oppulence and decadence. In the end, Heaven and Hell became the clear standout among the three proposed designs.

Tower elevations

We played with various architectural styles, taking our inspiration both from contemporary designs associated with Dubai and Shanghai as well as from the more earthy feel of jagged mountains and crumbling castles found in Scotland and Ireland. Eventually we settled on a mirrored, contemporary look for the two towers and joined them through the careful use of the negative space that the towers created. Once we settled on this, we designed the remaining site around them.

site plan
Exterior and fountain show

Exterior, Lagoon Show and Lobby

The resort comes to life with a nightly war between the realms of good and evil.

To attract foot traffic and passers by, we designed a unique fountain show that incorporates water, fire, smoke and lightning eminating both from the lagoon in front of the casino as well as from the towers themselves. In a symbolic telling of the clash between good and evil, evil is hurled from the heavens in the form of lightning, after which evil scorches the earth with fire. In the end, good triumphs and rises out of the ashes, with the elements resetting themselves for the next show occurring nightly in 30 minute intervals.

Fountain show
Fountain show vignettes

The lobby uses the themes of good and evil, of fire and light that have been established on the exterior of the hotel to create a fully immersive guest experience. Guests can choose to stay in the oppulent, ultra-luxurious Heaven Tower, the decadent and sinful Hell Tower, or they can roll the dice and see where their luck takes them.

hell suite overview

3D model and render by Jeff De Boer

High Roller Hell Suite

The Hell Suite is our fully realized hotel room. At around 5,500 square feet, this massive room would be one of the largest in Las Vegas and could accommodate any high roller's massive entourage (or massive ego). The suite covers the top two floors of the Hell Tower, with an equally spectacular heavenly counterpart atop the Heaven Tower (which we call the "Holy Roller" suite). It features three bedrooms, a private elevator, lap pool, Japanese soaking tub, pool table, fully stocked bar, an entertainment center to rival most nightclubs, and a 360° view of downtown Las Vegas. All models and renders of the Hell Suite by Jeff De Boer (click thumbnails for larger images).

foyer foyer hallway bedroom bar area

Party Spaces: Pool, Temptation and Purgatory Nightclubs

With ample space to soak up the harsh Las Vegas rays, the pool area is an ideal place to cool off in Divinity, the largest pool at the resort. Across from Divinity is Corruption, a pool and large hot tub that appear as if they've burst through the ground...

Las Vegas is a never ending party, and there are plenty of places to party in Heaven and Hell. In addition to the pool and its multiple bars, there is the Temptation night club spiraling downward from the lobby as well as the Purgatory night club, spanning the gap between the two towers.

Temptation dance club
Purgatory dance club