Troubleshooters: A gift for Universal’s amazing IT department! Our IT department was feeling a bit overlooked, so Baxy Dean, Dan Jenkins and I designed a theme park ride just for them. In Troubleshooters, prospective IT members sit down at their desk, a trackless ride vehicle complete with work phone, computer dongles, and a keyboard lap bar, to troubleshoot various office nightmares. IT members must work together and independently to convince office workers to submit tickets for their preposterously dumb problems, be they hazardous emails, copier trouble, or the classic “are you sure it’s plugged in?” The IT team must survive the dreaded blue screen of death and successfully navigate the frigid server room bobsled run. Depending on how well the team does, the newest members of the IT department are either rewarded with a trip to the cloud or must sit through a lengthy presentation about proper data management.

Ride Vehicle
Bubble Diagram
Cube Maze
Cube Room
Copy Room
Blue Screen of Death
Server Room Run